About Us

We are an all-female team of therapists who really believe in what we do and have decided to make our work approachable and affordable for every woman who wants it. Pretty Padded Room has broken every barrier to entry that might make therapy intimidating. By creating powerful partnerships based on your needs (our team's specializations range from body image to spirituality to motherhood) and operating through an accessible and secure online platform, we provide an outlet for you to vent, get to know yourself better, and help find the answers you need. With counseling that is low-cost, convenient, and completely confidential, Pretty Padded Room gives you what you crave: therapy on your own time and on your own terms.

From Our Founder

Bea Arthur

I believe that therapy is about shedding taboos, both personal and social. So I wanted to create a space where you can let loose and really be yourself. It feels good to be heard, and it's important. Freeing your mind helps you feel and function better; plus with the time you'll save from over-analyzing everything, you can take belly dancing lessons or finally run that marathon! (we dream big here at PPR). So I thank you for joining us and hope you'll enjoy your experience.

Welcome to Pretty Padded Room!

- Bea Arthur, Founder & CEO