A Very Scary Story: Facing Your Fear of Change


Vampires, zombies, and bumps in the night are all pretty scary, but this Halloween, we’re more concerned with a different kind of fear: the fear of change. Everyone has felt it at some point or another, and many of us live with it every day. It can manifest itself in our bad habits, our disinterest in dating or looking for a new job, and in the way we present ourselves to others. Fearing change can cause us to put off really living our lives to the fullest, and force us to miss out on great experiences and opportunities.

But getting rid of this fear is not as easy as turning the lights back on in a dark room. In order to face our fear of change, we must truly examine why we are so scared in the first place.

Here are some common reasons why we put up with the status quo for too long, and avoid becoming the people we want to be:

1.We don’t fear change, just the unknown.
Have you ever heard the expression “Better the devil you know (than the devil you don’t)”. Many people live their lives by this mantra, but we here at Pretty Padded Room find it to be a blatant advertisement for ambivalence. Sure, risks are daunting, but rewards are endless when we look for bright sides instead of dark clouds (or devils). Trying staying positive – it will pay off.

  1. Change is hard work and life is hard enough as it is.
    What do self help books, fitness coaches, teachers, parents, Nike clothing, and all high achievers have in common? If they could tell you one thing it would be this: stop making excuses, (just do it!). If you really want something, whether it’s a career change, a new partner, to lose weight or get better at managing money, you’re going to have to start here. No more excuses. It’s harder than it sounds, but trust us, anything worth having usually is.

  2. Who’s afraid of fear? We are.
    The hardest part of making changes is being honest and admitting what you’re truly afraid of. Maybe you are afraid of applying for a new job because you fear rejection. Or maybe you don’t want to start being healthier because losing weight means you’ll get more attention, and you’re used to being a wallflower. There are a million reasons why we fear change, but there is one big thing we can do to start the process: talk about it. Talk about your fears with someone you trust or a licensed therapist like the ones who work for Pretty Padded Room. We’re here for you when you need us most.

Remember how brave you felt as a kid when you finally looked under your bed and saw that there was no monster after all? Imagine how courageous it would feel to do that with your adult fears! Go ahead and face them, we dare you.