Best Break-Up Playlist Ever To Get You Through Your Heartbreak


Break-ups happen…and are really difficult. No matter what you are going through, music can have a funny way of touching our souls and healing our hearts. If you are going through heartbreak, here is a great playlist to help ease the pain.

  1. Carrie Underwood- Before He Cheats: This is a great revenge song, especially if you are dealing with getting over a cheating son-of-a… ANYWAY, notice that nowhere in this blog am I telling you to act out the songs, just listen to them and let your soul feel and heal! In reality, revenge can be way more trouble than it is worth, but oooo girl does it feel good to sing about digging your keys into the side of his car. Favorite line: “’Cause the next time that he cheats, you know it won’t be on me”. If he cheated on you, he will cheat again. You are better off without him!
  2. Leona Lewis- Better In Time: I’m not going to lie, I’ve belted this one out after a break up or two, and when it comes up during Savasana in my yoga class, I may or may not shed a cleansing tear or two. There is something really healing about this song. She really speaks to a deep heartbreak. The kind of heartbreak where every time your phone beeps your heart leaps at the possibility it might be him, and everything everywhere reminds you of him. It feels like you can’t go on, until you hear Leona’s words of wisdom. Favorite line: “But that’s the path I believe in… and even though I really love you, I’m gonna smile cause I deserve to…It’ll all get better in time”. Truer words have never been spoken. You may always love that person, but time heals all, you are on a different path, and it will get better.
  3. Taylor Swift- RED- Obviously, the queen of break up songs makes this list. This one is perfect for the painful breakup that occurs after dating the douchbag you knew you should have stayed away from (i.e Taylor Swift- "I knew you were trouble"). We have all been there, and it never ends well. Bonus breakup points if you got the “Stay away from me, I hurt people” line from him. Why does that always make you want him more! Ugh! Favorite Line: “Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street. Faster than the wind, passionate as sin ending so suddenly”. Girl, this was lust not love! Time to move on!
  4. Sara Evans- A Little Bit Stronger: This song truly captures the essence of a deep heartbreak and lingering loss of a love. Sometimes, we have to go through the motions of our daily life and fake it until we make it. We don’t always get that “Ah-ha” moment and suddenly feel better. It can be a gradual process to heal our hearts, and that is okay. Favorite line: “Doesn’t happen overnight, but you turn around and a month’s gone by, and you realize you haven’t cried…Even on my weakest days, I get a little bit stronger”. Love can really impact and change us, but we grow and learn from each and every hurt and experience.
  5. This Time- Pia Toscano: This song is for when you are ready to jump back out into the world and get back in the saddle. It is all about making the decision to be yourself again and not take the hurt anymore! Favorite Line: “It’s my time. I’m getting back to the real me”. This pivotal moment signifies the end of the breakup and the start of moving on. You can do this!