How To Avoid Getting Stuck In The New Years Resolutions Rut


Now that the New Year is in full swing, it is time to check in with our resolutions! Often, our resolutions fall into a few categories, which prevent them from actually becoming the life changes, we once hoped for. Here are a few ways to identify and avoid getting stuck in the “Resolution Rut”:

  1. “The To-Do List Anxiety Resolution ”: Last year, you carefully crafted a list of things you would accomplish after the holidays. Now that the time is here, you feel like your to-do list should have been done yesterday and you are becoming slightly obsessed with crossing things off the list. Suddenly, your January is packed with doctor appointments, yoga classes, work meetings, online courses, etc. It’s beginning to get overwhelming, yet you feel the need to keep taking on more things! Take a breath my friend. You have all year to make a change. Rather than having one daunting list, set goals to accomplish each month throughout the year.
  2. “The Coming On Too Strong Resolution”: Your resolution was with good intentions. You planned to go to the gym every day, run 5 miles every morning, or write soul inspiring thoughts in your journal twice a day. By week two, you muscles are so sore you cannot move and you are starting to write things in your journal like “sooo…yeah…not much to report today”. The key to success is moderation. Set realistic goals, like working out 3 times a week, or meditating and journaling once a week.
  3. “The Vague Resolution”: You vowed that this year you would be happier, lose weight and find love. It sounds great on paper, but you don’t have the slightest idea how to go about doing these things…so you find yourself stuck in a rut. Come up with three tangible tasks that would lead to your long-term goals. For example, you could resolve to stop replying when your ex tries to contact you, sign up for a barre class and join a dating website.
  4. “The Procrastinator Resolution”: I’ll start this tomorrow…Monday…Next Monday. The problem with this resolution rut is the more you push it back, the less motivated you will be. Taking the initiative can be the hardest part of making a change, but know it will get easier. There is no time like the present, so take that first step! A year from now, you will be grateful you did.