#MantraMonday: We need difficulties; they are necessary for health


Okay, so this is a variation on a Carl Jung quote,“Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health,” but you know, we’re not all men and screw the patriarchy and all that jazz.

Ugh, it’s tough to admit. Just like it kind of sucks to realize that that smarty-pants jerk in your high school economics class was actually a good resource and a great tutor, it kind of sucks to realize that we would be nowhere without the ridiculous challenges we have had to overcome in life. We all understand that the challenges that shape us and our lives are really quite unavoidable and necessary in their own right. But maybe instead of seeing them simply as stuff to overcome, those challenges really are what keeps us going in life.
I love the idea that these ‘difficulties’ are actually intertwined with our well-being, reinforcing the danger of being stagnant. Trust me, I love taking a load off and doing absolutely nothing for a few hours, but honestly, that doesn’t last. Responsibility beckons, and the challenges continue to pile up. I’ve written plenty about how we grow through our work and our ability to meet these challenges. However, I’ve never thought of it as a matter of health. But it’s true. The difficulties we overcome are not just another way to shape who we are, they keep us going, necessary for health.